How to be kinder with your horse everyday...

Riding is a passion that has raged for hundreds of years now. It is therefore quite normal to see this advanced activity to become a passion afterwards. All the people who are addicted to this passion that would once have fallen in love with her. From there, the next logical step will be the adoption of a horse. Yet this approach is important and will be subjected to high stresses. We must therefore know all to well understand everything later.

The horse care

Adopting a horse equals his daily care. It is recommended to seek professional as in that in order to have quality care for the horse and at all levels. Of course, this is not mandatory since it will be possible to take care of the horse with some basic tips. Above all, we will have to nourish the horse. Be aware that a horse, in its natural state, eats and runs all day long. It will be important to feed him accordingly and of course, hydration will also follow. After that, his care will also go with her dress every day. It is, moreover, a great relaxing time for the horse and a perfect moment of complicity between the rider and the animal.

Being nice to the horse and have his respect

It is important to be nice to the horse because it is the best way to have his respect. This is also the best way to have a good moment with the horse. This will, of course, by his care and grooming, but not that. Clearly, it is important to take into account the primary instincts of the horse as his flight, a personal place through saddles and hierarchy too. Respect for the horse will be several attractions from the latter. It will be important to check the small signs that we think unimportant at the horse in order to settle the concern quickly. Above all, the horse will invade the space of the rider and sometimes, it will shake its rider. The strongest signs are also bite and the fact of typing rider. From these signs, it will be important to adjust accordingly.

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