How to make sure your horse is comfortable ?

Making your horse feel comfortable is quite easy when you take pleasure in doing so. Many people nowadays think animals don’t have feelings nor hear or understand human beings. For a horse to be comfortable with you, you should play, walk, talk, and why not spent time with your horse. Here are some ways you can use to let your horse feel comfortable and trust you.

Approach your horse the right way

Generally horses are anxious when you try approaching them. This happens when you approach the horse the wrong way. Horses are afraid of humans and other animals. When approaching a horse avoid coming face to face with the horse. You should instead favor side approach as confrontation. Next when you get closer to your horse, hide you hand and allow the horse to sniff you. If the horse does not respond or if the horse is still afraid of you try bending at the waist while you hide your hand and your look.

Adequate relaxation technique to train your horse

Training your horse include learning how to calm your horse. Laying your hand on horse that doesn’t trust you can lead to further mistrust and injuries. Face the same direction as your horse while standing next to him. Hold the lead rope with your hand and slowly bend down at the waist with your head down.

Spent some times with your horse

Instead of ridding your horse all the time, try and have some time to spend with your horse to know each other and create affinity amongst you. You will only learn about your horse behavior and personality by spending time to observe your horse. Let your horse be comfortable with your presence. Spending time with your horse makes you to understand more your horse if he behave a certain way.

Walk and Talk together with your horse

For your horse to feel comfortable with you, first of all be comfortable and have self-confidence. Try a walk with your horse, but if your horse hasn’t gained your trust yet, ridding him for prolonged period will not be possible and can be dangerous. Often take your horse for long walk on savanna areas or simply near trees so that your horse can enjoy the beauty of nature. During the walk with your horse, talk to your horse with a calm and confident tone. Some horse owners find that talking to a horse can help improve the horse’s trust and get used to your voice.

If you simply can’t make horse comfortable, you should hire professional services to do training work. For such services equitackoffers the best service at the best prices ever with a guaranteed satisfaction.

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